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Is it permissible to recite ruqyah in absentia for someone?

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Is it permissible to recite ruqyah for one of my family members or for my entire family, whether inside or outside the house, without being near them? That is because there is sihr (witchcraft) which is causing division in the entire family. Can this ruqyah have an impact on them remotely?

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family.

The Sunnah and the practice of the early generations was to recite ruqyah directly over the sick person. There is nothing in the Sunnah to indicate that it is permissible to do ruqyah remotely.

Hence the scholars of the Permanent Committee for Ifta’ said:

Ruqyah must be done directly over the sick person, and it cannot be done via loudspeakers or over the phone, because this is contrary to what the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), his companions (may Allah be pleased with them) and those who followed them in truth did with regard to ruqyah. The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever introduces anything into this matter of ours that is not part of it will have it rejected.”(Fatawa al-Lajnah ad-Da’imah 1/92).

What benefits the one who is not present is supplication (du‘a’). So you may offer supplication for your entire family, asking Allah to heal them, grant them well-being, keep them safe and sound, and so on, because supplication is valid and will benefit both those who are present and those who are absent. In fact, the Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said regarding the Muslim’s supplication for his fellow Muslim in his absence: “A Muslim’s prayer for his brother in his absence will be answered. At his head there is an angel who is appointed, and when he prays for good for his brother, the angel who is appointed says: Amin, and may you have something similar.” Narrated by Muslim (2733).

An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

This highlights the virtue of offering supplication for one’s Muslim brother in his absence. If he offers supplication for a group of Muslims, this virtue will be attained, and if he offer supplication for a number of Muslims, what appears to be the case is that this virtue will also be attained. One of the early generations, when he wanted to offer supplication for himself, would offer supplication for his Muslim brother at the same time, because that supplication would be answered and he would attain something similar. End quote.

If there is the fear of the evil eye or witchcraft, then the entire family should regularly recite the adhkar that are prescribed, such as the adhkar following prayer, the adhkar of morning and afternoon, the adhkar before going to sleep, the mu‘awwidhat and a great deal of Qur’an. They should think positively of Allah, put their trust in Him, and realize that if the entire nation were to come together to harm someone, they would not be able to harm him except with something that Allah has decreed for him.

For more information on the way to treat witchcraft, please see the answer to question no. 11290 .

And Allah knows best.


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