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Using Derma Pen During Fasting

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What is the ruling on using a derma pen while fasting?

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family.


The Dermapen is a small, portable device similar to a pen, consisting of several sterile fine needles that puncture the skin and cause what is known as a dermal shock with the aim of treating various skin diseases and disorders. Therefore, the term Dermapen is derived from the word Dermatology and Pen.

The Dermapen belongs to the microneedling technique, which is a procedure that uses small needles to puncture the skin for therapeutic purposes, to enhance collagen production and the formation of new skin tissue for fresher and smoother skin, and to treat multiple skin problems.

The Dermapen is distinguished by being a portable cylinder that does not hinder or restrict movement, and it is a device with adjustable depth so that it is not too deep in sensitive areas, and the surgical needles can be disposed of after the session for the safety of the patient.

The Dermapen consists of 12 fine needles that puncture the upper layer of the skin.

The skin responds by healing itself by enhancing the production of collagen and elastin in the treated area, which stimulates the growth of new tissues that treat various skin problems and gives the face freshness and smoothness.


Dermapen for the face: Your comprehensive guide – Webteb (


There is no objection to using this technique if it is free from harm; because the basic principle is permissibility.

See what we have presented on the ruling on the use of the Dermaroller, in the answer to question number (323723 )


The use of the Dermapen and the Dermaroller has no effect on fasting; because nothing enters the body through the skin, let alone reaches the cavity, and no blood comes out to be compared with cupping for those who deem the fast invalidated by it.

Puncturing the skin with needles is not something that invalidates the fast, nor do injections with needles invalidate the fast, unless the injection is with a nourishing liquid.

It is stated in the resolution of the Islamic Fiqh Academy regarding matters that invalidate the fast:

"The following matters are not considered to invalidate the fast: …

8- Therapeutic injections, whether subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous, except for nourishing fluids and injections…

11- Things that enter the body through absorption from the skin such as fats, ointments, and therapeutic skin patches loaded with medicinal or chemical substances.

12- Inserting a catheter (a fine tube) into the arteries for imaging or treating the heart vessels or other organs.

13- Inserting an endoscope through the abdominal wall to examine the viscera or perform surgery on them.

14- Taking samples (biopsies) from the liver or other organs unless accompanied by the administration of solutions…

16- The entry of any instrument or therapeutic materials into the brain or spinal cord.

And Allah knows best.


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